What are the meeting guidelines?

What can I expect at a meeting?

MAsT: Philadelphia meetings will normally have a 90 minute pre-meeting informal meet and greet period as people arrive. Then we gather to take care of chapter business, provide introductions and announcements. There will always be a topic for the meeting (announced in advance). The topic may include workshops, panels, or simply open discussion. During each meeting, there will be time for discussion, exchange of ideas, and opportunities for clarification. All topics will have to do with the dynamics of the Master/slave lifestyle and may include practical skills and practice for communication, nurturing relationships, roles, responsibilities, values, protocols, rituals, etc.

Some members may have interest in BDSM skills such as whipping, flogging, bondage, etc. as an alternative way to communicate and create highly intimate and mutually stimulated play sessions. MAsT: Philadelphia will not normally teach those skills. However, we do recommend that members contact BDSM organizations or their local munch group owners to learn about using those skills safely and responsibly.

Casual Attire is required as we meet in public venue

How is my privacy protected?

We ask that you provide personal information only when you become a member. When you sign in on the meeting roster, you do not need to provide your real name. We will never e-mail you or contact you by phone without your prior permission. We understand and honor the need for discretion and privacy. All participants must agree to the meeting guidelines posted above. These guidelines are announced at the start of every MAsT: Philadelphia meeting.

Is there a fee?

The first three meetings are free. If you decide to join, membership is a nominal fee.

What if I’m single or gay/lesbian/transgendered?

Our Chapter is warm and welcoming to all individuals, no matter their current relationship status, identity, or sexuality.

How can I contact MAsT: Philadelphia for more information?

You may e-mail contact@mastphiladelphia.org for additional information.